Services :: Physiotherapy for Care Homes
Each resident is assessed using visual scales, range of motion measurement, strength measurement, gait test, the Tinette balance test and the timed get up and go test.

Residents of Care Homes are able to improve their quality of life due to Physiotherapy Improve responsiveness and day to day strength with regular Physiotherapy
Based on assessment outcomes, each resident is assigned to a physiotherapy regime including one or more of the following health objectives:

  • Improving residents' static and dynamic balance to assist in preventing falls.
  • Improving residents' mobility potential.
  • Improving residents' range of motion.
  • Exercises designed specifically for residents recovering from a stroke.
  • Improving residents' muscle weakness. This includes an exercise program for the cognitively impaired residents and Well Elderly Exercises for the well elderly residents.
  • Therapy for post fractures, arthoplasty and joint replacements is also offered.
  • Electrotherapy, acupuncture, massage, education and advice for self help are part of physiotherapy treatments.