Services :: Physiotherapy for Businesses
Stress built up from the work environment can be relieved by regular Physiotherapy treatmentsThe aim of physiotherapy is to help alleviate pain, restore normal movement and return the body to its natural balanced state without chemical intervention.

The widespread integration of computers within businesses has lead to a significant change in workplace habits. This sedentary change has had an adverse effect on employee health and well-being.

Many long term workplace injuries are easily prevented or resolved if seen to in a timely manner. Correct management of injuries is fundamental in preventing them escalating into Workers Compensation claims.

Mobile therapy sessions means symptoms can be addressed at any time and in any locationFor most employees, time and access to health professionals are the biggest barriers to proactively managing their health. Without correct intervention, these symptoms often progress to cumulative and long term disorders. Consequently, this will lead to increased absenteeism, workplace error and will ultimately reduce organisational productivity.

To combat these issues, The Roseland Mobile Physiotherapy Practice provides Mobile Therapy Services. A chartered physiotherapist employs a range of therapeutic techniques to effectively manage symptoms and address lifestyle and workplace risk factors specific to the employee.

This service is a non-disruptive and cost effective way to manage risk, promote wellness and increase morale of a business's most important assets - their staff. Concurrently, this health initiative will enhance an organizations profile to existing and prospective staff.

Reduced stress can lead to improved productvity in any line of workThe Roseland Mobile Physiotherapy Practice targets common work place aches and pains through the provision of hands-on treatment, customized rehabilitation and education. Therapy services assist organizations to take a pro-active approach to manage the health of their workforce.

The Roseland Mobile Physiotherapy Practice has the service to manage your aches and pains:
  • Repetitive Strain Injury Rehabilitation.
  • Chronic Postural Re-alignment.
  • Stress Relieving Deep Tissue Massage.
  • Post-operative Rehabilitation.
  • Joint Mobilisation.
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation.
  • Scar Release Treatment.
  • Myofascial Release Therapy.
My proactive physiotherapy service provides an effective method to reduce the negative effects of stress and muscular tension and will contribute to a happier, more cohesive workforce. With treatments available to help you on a day to day basis:
  • Education and advice for self help.
  • Guide to setting up an Ergonomic computer workstation.
  • Manual Handling advice and education at work.